Sacred Spiral


SACRED SPIRAL NAUTILUS, a Sacred Geometry Painting

All living things contain within it the seed of great potential.   From the moment of conception, it already has everything it needs to reach that potential through the growing process. 

Below is Drew Brophy's description of the painting, the meaning, and the process:

"The Sacred Spiral Nautilus painting was inspired by spin. This beautiful shape perfectly demonstrates how everything is growing from the field of energy that we cannot see.  I chose to paint two nautilus shapes in both directions creating the toroidal shape of cyclones and galaxies. This shape is seen in many plants, air currents, and water. The shape itself is called the Fibonacci spiral. Its mathematical ratio is an articulation of the process: 1 and 1 make 2, 1 and 2 make 3, 2 and 3 make 5, and so on. The background of the painting is the Flower of Life pattern in overlapping circles.

I imagine the flower of life background as the field of energy that we cannot see. It scales ever smaller and larger. It is everything from Galaxies to atoms. It seems to be a self organizing system or process that is constantly building everything we see.  And it is beautiful.

The geometry in this painting is built upon the Fruit of Life, one of the building blocks of the Flower of Life Pattern. The center of these circles, when connected in straight lines, creates Metatron’s Cube. This symbol, Metatron’s Cube, is called many things; The Star of David, Sign of Solomon, and the Merkaba.

To me this shape is an articulation of ever-expanding and contracting energy fields that create the patterns we see in nature and all matter.   Metatron’s Cube shape contains all of the Platonic solids. One of the most difficult to create is the three dimensional Dodecahedron. To create this, you create a circle from one of the mid points of the triangles to the center, and continue along those midpoints until you have gone all the way around creating six circles.

By connecting these points to all others you will reveal the three dimensional dodecahedron. The multiple layers of the painting encode interlocking concepts that have been passed down from ancient times. Once you are aware of it, you begin to see them everywhere. They are beautiful to us because it is the order of the Universe.

The water dripping throughout the painting represents the fluidity of energy in which all of this happens. My intention is that this painting will reveal a deeper curiosity and understanding of what is happening in nature, all around us. Life is good." Drew


Cold Press Bright White Heavy Textured Matte Fine Art Paper (340 gsm)

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NOTE: Logo Watermarks shown in photos will NOT be printed on your canvas or satin print.

*Stretched Canvas are only available for domestic shipping.  International orders please select rolled canvas or satin paper option.  Please allow 8-10 days for your order to be hand crafted and packaged*  

*COPYRIGHTS:  All artwork is (c) Drew Brophy.  Please note that Drew Brophy retains the copyrights to all of his works.  Commercial duplication of Drew Brophy's art must be licensed by Drew in a formal Licensing Agreement.  

However, feel free to share photos of your art online, via social media, in non-commercial usage, anytime.  Tag @drewbrophy when you do!

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