Art Direction and Consulting with Drew Brophy - for help with Creative Solutions with surf lifestyle, sacred geometry, and design

HAVE A CREATIVE PROBLEM THAT YOU NEED AN ANSWER TO?  Drew can help! Drew has been a professional artist for over 30 years.  When it comes to creative solutions, he is an expert. He has helped artists, corporate clients and designers, to solve creative problems. Drew can help you to do the following: Find a solution to a creative problem Assist with AUTHENTIC design or campaigns that involve ancient symbols and sacred geometry  Create an AUTHENTIC Southern California or Surfing vibe for a campaign, event or brand Plan the details as to how you will execute the painting of a mural, vehicle, surfboard or other items. Plan the most efficient way to execute a project that involves multiple artists, substrates and themes. Brainstorm ideas that will help a company or brand make a campaign look cool to a younger demographic And so much more. Clients that have come to Drew for help include: Artists Designers Inventors Interior decorators and art consultants Advertising agencies Brand Managers City managers Creative directors   CONSULTING DESCRIPTION: One consulting session gives you up to one hour of Drew's time on the phone or via Skype.  Within 24 hours of making payment for the session, you will receive an email from Drew's gallery staff to set up a day and time for your session.  **IMPORTANT:  After paying for this session, you will receive a receipt via email.  In that email is a DOWNLOAD link.  Please download the question in-take form and answer the questions 24 hours before your session. TESTIMONIALS: “I had the privilege of collaborating with Drew Brophy for an event my brand was hosting in San Clemente.  Maria and Drew both were flexible with scheduling, professional, and extremely easy to partner with. For someone not connected to the surfing scene, they took the time to explain to me the details and brought their own creativity to the mix. Drew has the ability to easily generate a vision in his head and transfer that to his work….truly amazing.”  Brad Burns Sr. Account Manager, Think Motive   “We worked with Drew to transform our (Verizon FiOS) VW Bus into a work of art that celebrated the SoCal lifestyle during the 2013 US Open of Surf.  It was effortless working with Drew and Maria. They had very little time to plan and design, yet the final result was more than what we could have asked for.”  Bryan Babiarz, Art Director at Marketing Werks.   "Drew was fantastic to work with.  He took control over the process and helped us focus on key decision points: the vision, the message, and the style.  I would absolutely recommend Drew for any creative style projects you are looking to undertake.”   Dion Picco, Senior Director Product Marketing at Progress DataDirect  

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