How to paint your Surfboard Online Course

Learn how to paint Surfboards with POSCA PAINT PENS with Drew Brophy, in your own home (Online)!  This is an IN-DEPTH course showing you everything you need to know about preparing, painting and sealing a surfboard painted with Posca paint pens.   AFTER ENROLLING, YOU'LL RECEIVE LOGIN INFORMATION VIA AN EMAIL FROM BROPHY ART ACADEMY - YOU GET ACCESS TO THE COURSE IMMEDIATELY. This online How To Paint a Surfboard with Posca Painting course has easy-to-learn lessons that you can watch at your leisure, over and over again.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN… ✓  How to prepare the surface of your surfboard (the must-do actions to make sure the paint adheres properly) ✓  How to prepare a used surfboard ✓  A complete list of materials needed and Drew's favorite brands to use ✓ 6 in-depth painting lessons in easy step-by-step exercises ✓  Drew's secret color blending techniques and color combinations ✓  Drew's EASY step-by-step Posca painting process ✓  Start and finish a surfboard painting in one sitting ✓  Surprise your friends (and yourself) with your new skills! ✓  How to Seal Your Painting so that it lasts forever and never comes off ✓  BONUS: Extra tips and tricks to take your painting from good to great.   YOUR SURFBOARD PAINTING COURSE COMES WITH...   ✓ ONLINE LESSONS - immediate access! ✓ LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and all future updates This class is taught in pre-recorded lessons, online.  This enables you to learn at your leisure.  You can watch the lessons again and again as you need to. After you purchase this course, you will be emailed a login for instant access.   ABOUT POSCA PAINT PENS “Poscas are the easiest medium for you to learn how to paint” –Drew Brophy Uni Posca are opaque, water based paint pens.  Posca paint pens were originally designed to be used by children, but they are such a good medium that many professional artists use them (like me)! Many other paints and markers have harsh smells and toxic chemicals.  Posca is non-toxic and safe, leaves little to no mess, and the paint is contained in the pen. Posca washes off of hands easily with soap and water. Poscas are the best way to paint a surfboard.  The paint never comes off in the water (when you seal it properly) and the paints last a very long time.   POSCA is a great tool for painting because it drys quickly and allows you to keep painting, fast, while you’re in your groove. POSCA colors are bright and blend easily. With POSCA paint pens you can paint anywhere!  They are easy to carry in a small bag, there’s no messy setup of brushes, cups of water or tubes of paint.  Posca allows you to paint anywhere with ease; at home, in the backseat of a car, even at the beach!  

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