Metatron's Portal aka Metatron's Cube


Drew's "Metatron's Cube" High resolution prints


This stunning piece incorporates the Flower of Life, The Fruit of Life and Metatron's Cube (Sacred Geometry) and is beautiful on any wall. Just walking into a room where Metatron's Cube hangs will raise your vibration and instill a joyful peace. It is said that viewing sacred geometry helps to deepen one's meditation practice and bring peace into a space. This painting marks the beginning of Drew's transformation as an artist. Best known for his surf art, he has changed his direction and theme as an artist, after studies of Unified Field Theory and Physics. His studies have inspired him to apply what he's learned in a visual sense, thus an entirely new style of art has been born from him. Drew says of Metatron's Portal Painting: "Metatron’s cube is a three-dimensional shape created from the center points of the thirteen circles of the Fruit of Life, which is created from the Flower of Life pattern, which is found in all living things. Water molecules structure themselves in this same pattern. Within Metatron's Cube contains the blueprints of the five platonic solids; these are the building blocks of all matter. This shape beautifully visualizes the simplicity of our universe, scaling infinitely larger and smaller.From my studies of water and how it's structured, I've come to understand that all living things possess the magical ingredient called water, making it the most important substance to life on earth. It rises to the sky soaking in the sun's rays, it rains down upon the earth on the mountains where it collects information as it travels through streams and rivers on its way to the sea.  Water cleanses itself in a natural cycle of change. Electromagnetic information given off by the sun's rays and the earth's minerals is vital information which are the building blocks of life, and are carried in the molecular structures of water. These beautiful, complex structures, as seen in snowflakes, are the recordings of all-that-is and ever was."   


Satin prints are created using a durable 300g heavyweight photo paper. This print is an open-edition, superior quality with a 1 inch border ready to frame.


We use the best quality archival canvas and stretcher bars, archival inks and hand-applied UV resistant coating, so that your print will last more than 100 years. All of our Collector's Edition prints meet the standards set forth by the Fine Art Trade Guild for pH and light-fastness. Everything is printed, coated and hand stretched in the USA by our trained professionals. Ships completely assembled with hanging hardware ready for wall mounting. 

NOTE:  The watermark logo/signature shown in the photo WILL NOT appear on your fine art print.

*Stretched Canvas are only available for domestic shipping. International orders please select rolled canvas or satin paper option. Please allow 8-10 days for your or oder to be hand crafted and packaged*  


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