24" x 24" TranscenDance Metallic Reproduction


TRANCENDANCE on a 24" x 24" Metallic Print, open edition, fine art reproduction by Drew Brophy.

The Metal Print:  Our metal prints are the best possible quality and are archival (will retain brilliance for decades), arrive ready-to-hang and are on a float-mount (when hanging, will "float" a half inch from the wall).

Our metallic reproduction is often described as high definition with amazing depth and exceptional clarity.  

It's a stunning fine art piece for modern home or office setting.

The Artwork:  This is one of Drew's Sacred Geometry explorations from 2016. The original TranscenDance was mixed media, painted on a 10' x 10' Fredrix Canvas and installed on a ceiling soffit in the meditation/yoga/conference center of Awakenings Center in Laguna Niguel, CA.  

Sacred Geometry art:  Allows one to go deeper in meditation and to create a general feeling of peace and harmony in a space.

Drew says of the Inspiration behind this piece: "The Flower of Life is a pattern found at ancient sites all over the world; in places like Egypt, China and India.  I've been fascinated by the Flower of Life because within the pattern there are many mathematical formulas and geometries; so much information is contained within a simple pattern.  If you connect all of the center points of the circles, you get what's called Metatron's Cube, which is a beautiful shape similar to the Star of David and the Sign of Solomon.  This symbol is much older than we think; it was probably adopted by early Hebrews.  Within the symbol lies the five platonic solids and these shapes correspond with all of the element's molecular structures. It's like visual math.  It's how matter is forming.  Some believe the flower of life pattern is the fundamental pattern of all things, an underlying pattern that connects everything together as one.  It's energy.  It's everything."

Your fine art piece will be packaged with love and Shipped from the U.S.

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