Sunrise Mood Mat



Artist's Collection Numbered, limited Edition of 420 SUNRISE MOOD MATS! 

This mood mat is made of upcycled neoprene and is sized 9" x 11".

Image on top is of Drew Brophy's most popular painting titled SUNRISE.  The back is numbered between 1 and 420.

Guaranteed to lift your mood; place it on your coffee table or your bedside.  Use as a protectant between your glass items and your furniture.  It has many uses!

We only printed 420, each one hand numbered on the back by Drew Brophy himself.

A Mood Mat is essentially a coaster for rigs. They protect your table from being damaged by drips of hot wax or any other smoking-related damage.

They also just look cool.  This is a collectible item.

Upcycled and Made in the U.S.A. by Moodmats.

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