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Article: Camp Fire Painting with Sasquach by Drew Brophy

Camp Fire Painting with Sasquach by Drew Brophy

Camp Fire Painting with Sasquach by Drew Brophy

Camp Fire was inspired by the story of the Lost Coast, a beautiful stretch of Northern California where there are hidden coves, Redwood Trees bigger than mansions and Sasquatch sightings!

*This artwork has little "easter eggs" hidden in it. Look closely and see what's hiding in the trees...

I love a good Bigfoot story. Did you know there are dozens of Youtube channels dedicated to telling stories of all the sightings in North America? It drives Maria crazy when I go on a binge watch of them.

Camp Fire painting captures the feeling of being on a surf adventure in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by a beautiful landscape that is teeming with wild animals. And the great feeling of being exhausted after battling giant waves in an unruly and foamy ocean, being the only surfers out. Catching fish and cooking it on a fire you made with logs you collected off the beach, cracking open a beer and staring at the stars. That night, you sleep like a log in your tent, recharging your body to do it again the next day.

We are doing a special "Only Once" DROP of the Camp Fire painting in three different sizes. And, the original Camp Fire painting is one of the last 2 left from my Surfer's Journey series!

If you want in on the collectible aspect of Camp fire, TODAY I am releasing:

25 signed, numbered Paper prints - priced lower than most of my signed paper prints!

10 limited edition, hand signed, numbered Canvas
1 Embellished (hand paint added) Canvas Collector's edition

See them all here in the ONLY ONCE COLLECTION.

Thanks for reading and for your support.  I hope you are doing something fun this summer.  Go find a spot to have your own campfire, enjoy the great outdoors!

Life is still good,



CAMP FIRE is one of the Original paintings still available.  Hit "reply" to this email if you are interested in adding this to your collection and you have questions!


Here's Maria at San Clemente pier on Sunday with the 5 Lost Surfboards we donated art for. It was for the SC Pier 2% Classic Surfing Contest in San Clemente where 5 lucky surfers won these surfboards as their trophy.

You can see pics from the event on my INSTAGRAM HERE.

Kolohe Andino hosted the event. I’ve watched Kolohe grow up from the time he was born. When he was just a baby, I dipped his feet in paint and let him walk on his father’s surfboard!

Kolohe is now one of the best surfers in the world. He represented the USA in surfing for the first time, in the Tokyo Olympics. He led the charge for a whole group of young surfers from San Clemente; I watched them surf the pier in all kinds of conditions, pushing each other to be their best. Now, many of them are well on their way to their own professional careers in surfing. Kolohe brought them all together to host this contest at San Clemente Pier.

The surfboards were donated by my good friend Matt Biolos of Lost. I painted them in my traditional style of the early days back in the 1990’s, with angry fish, crazy waves and attitude. 

I’m super stoked to be a part of this amazing surfing town. It feels good to give back to the next generation of surfers.

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