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Article: PAMP Silver Coin Featuring Artwork of Drew Brophy

PAMP Silver Coin Featuring Artwork of Drew Brophy

PAMP Silver Coin Featuring Artwork of Drew Brophy

Howdy everyone,

Maria and I just got back from Nashville.  We spent some time on our friends' farm in the country. They are California transplants who left the fast life to grow their own food.

I was helping my friend Dave the Dentist chop wood and move it from one end of the farm to another. I loved it!

I have so much fun driving tractors and doing farm work.

We've been looking to buy land for a few years now. Maria and I are longing for a more simple life, one where we are immersed in nature.

I want to ride horses and spend more time in solitude. We haven't found the perfect spot yet, but we will keep looking until we do.


ON ANOTHER NOTE: I'm stoked to announce that I did a collab with PAMP, the world's top silver coin maker. We are making three silver surfboard art coins. 

The first silver surfboard coin release is my art called THE ENFORCER, and it's nearly sold out.  I just dropped 10 signed, numbered Enforcer Coins.

Only 3,000 coins were made and only ten (10) were numbered and signed by me. You can get your signed, collectible silver coin HERE.

Later this year, two more silver surfboard coins will be released, each with a mintage of only 3,000.

I always wanted to see my art on a silver coin.  Another check off the bucket list!

Thanks for reading and for your support.  I hope you are having a great summer. 

Life is still good,


PS:  If you want to always know when we have events or when we are about to DROP something new, add my Google Calendar to yours:  CLICK HERE.


There are just a few of the limited, signed, numbered prints of CAMP FIRE left.

Camp Fire is one of my new paintings and it's also one of my favorites.

It perfectly captures the feeling of being in the Pacific North West, surfing big cold waves and being in Sasquatch country!

Check out the 3 size options HERE.

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