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Article: The Winners of the Ethika-Inspired GIVEAWAY

The Winners of the Ethika-Inspired GIVEAWAY

The Winners of the Ethika-Inspired GIVEAWAY

Tree of Life Giveaway Drew Brophy Ethika Framed Wall Art Print

Thanks to all of my "inner circle" email listers for signing up for my Ethika-inspired Giveaway.

If you're not on my "inner circle" list, get on it so you'll know when the next giveaway. SIGN UP HERE.

And, for those who are new to my art:

When people ask me what I do for a living, I always say "It's my job to make things look cool."

That's why I was so stoked to do a collaboration with Ethika. Last week, when I was in Hawaii surfing, I saw a lot of young surfers on the beach and their underwear bands sticking out of their board shorts all said "ETHIKA" on them. It was confirmation that I had partnered with the right company!

I've been a professional artist my entire life. I started with painting surfboards so I could fund my traveling and surfing habit. That led into paintings, illustrations for album covers, clothing, wakeboards and skateboards, and eventually owning my own art gallery, run by my wife Maria.

Now, for the winners!


All winners were notified by email. If you didn't get the email, but your name is listed below, email your shipping address to before Wednesday, March 19th.

5 THIRD PRIZE WINNERS (For the 9"x12" paper print)

nness***** Noel
pmooney*** Pam
genn_**** Gennica Santa Cruz
whitwa** MICHELLE
AtlasShrugged** Lindsey

2 SECOND PRIZE WINNERS (For the 9"x12" canvas print)

armandoacosta** Armando
pierce**** Liz


Drum roll.... 

Rebecca, from Detroit Michigan! Email address: ****

Congratulations to all the winners! Your prize will be mailed directly to you once we receive your shipping address.

FOR EVERYONE ELSE: Thanks for playing. I do giveaways every month or two. If you stay on my "inner circle" email list, you'll get other chances to win.

Thanks for connecting with me.

Life is good,


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