When Desert đŸŒ” Meets Sea 🌊 Cactus Point DROP!

Howdy everyone,

I used to create 100 paintings a year. Some on small canvas or surfboards, some big.

I went an entire year without painting because of being hospitalized. I'm finally back and recently painted my first series in years. It was personal - every painting was inspired.

One is CACTUS POINT.  Today we officially dropped limited, signed numbered edition prints of it.

The inspiration behind CACTUS POINT is my Dream Trip, and there's a huge swell coming this week, so my dream may come true!

Here's my description of  a surf adventure to Cactus Point:

Every year in August and September we get crazy hurricane swells. It usually sends waves into the swell-starved areas of the Sea of Cortez.

I imagine Cactus Point being a mysto surf break somewhere in Baja California. Most people don't know how to get there, and those that do, vowed to keep the secret.

All the surfers who know how to read the swell angles and the wind will know the perfect time to make the secret trek across the desert to arrive when the swell turns on. 

The drive is long and rough, over rained-out dirt roads, dodging banditos and seeing remnants of creatures that didn't survive the deadly terrain.

But the trip is worth it, because when you arrive, waves are pumping and you're frothing to wax up your board and paddle into the empty, perfect lineup.

Your paddle out is illuminated by a giant desert sun melting up high against a backdrop of giant cactus, desert bones and a clear sky.

You catch a few bombs that terrify and excite you. You catch a wave so long that it keeps going and going until your legs are burning.

When you see the last of the sun drop below the horizon, it's time to go in.

There's a six pack of Coronas waiting on ice in a cooler on the beach. You hang with friends who tell surfing stories all night.

It was worth the effort to get there. The journey was part of the story that you will tell for years to come. It was an epic day. This is what Cactus Point is to me.

If you want to share in the adventure of Cactus Point, get yourself a signed, limited edition print, there are only a few and once they are gone, they are gone. They are in my ONLY ONCE collection.

Thanks for reading. And if you have your own Secret Spot Surf Adventure, share it in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you! 

Life is good,


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CACTUS POINT is a surfer's dream adventure. With the big swell coming this week, some will be living it and telling the stories for years to come.
There's 25 Signed & Numbered Paper Prints, 25 small Canvas and only 10 Large Canvas
Choose your Print HERE.

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