BLUE WATER CLUSTER 60" x 36" Original Fine Art Painting


BLUE WATER CLUSTER 60" x 36" mixed media on premium Fredrix Pro Canvas.  

This painting consists of close to one hundred layers of translucent paints, mixed with water, and applied in a controlled flow to get the colors and energy desired.  Sacred geometry is then painted in between the layers. The multiple layers of paint help to create the visual emotion of water movement, giving a feeling of peace and tranquility.

This is one of Drew's Exploring Sacred Geometry series created for the Conscious Life Expo Art Exhibit.

Drew explains the inspiration of this painting:  "In my studies I am learning about the structure of water.  In its natural cycle it picks up information which it records in clusters of molecules.  It picks this up through the sun's light and through its journey down rivers passing over minerals. The electromagnetic frequency which everything is emitting is the mechanism in which the energy is transferred. Scientists are discovering a forth phase of water they call it EZ water, it is highly structured and your body is filled with it. It is information that your body needs to constantly rebuild itself. We are all made up of mostly water, it is the most important substance we put in our body.  This painting was inspired by these studies.  Water contains all of life’s information; it is our greatest resource."

Your painting will be packaged with love and Shipped in the U.S.

*Please note that the in-situ photo shown is not perfectly exact to scale with the size of the painting, as it is a virtual room.

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