EARTH GODDESS 48" x 60" Original Painting by Drew Brophy


Only 1 piece in stock!

EARTH GODDESS mixed media on 40"x60" Fredrix Pro stretched canvas, painting by Drew Brophy.  

This painting is one of a series titled ANCIENT OBSERVERS, inspired by the Mother Goddess, the Great Year and the wisdom left behind for us by ancient civilizations.    

THE EARTH GODDESS painting celebrates the Earth, it's electromagnetic fields and how we are a part of it. Indigenous people see themselves as children of the earth. In ancient times people depicted our mother earth as a pregnant female. The process of cell division into an embryo is also found in ancient carvings. All over the world we find ancient artworks depicting the earth represented as a pregnant female.  She is the center of this painting. The ancient people believed that we are not separate from earth, we are a part of it. 

We must realize that we are children of the earth sparked by the energy of our sun and regulated by the cycle of our moon. We are energetically tied to this exchange and flow of energy via the global electric circuit. We are electric beings more powerful than we ever dreamed.  

PLEASE NOTE:  The watermark "Drew Brophy" signature/logo in the image IS NOT on the original painting. 

Your painting will be hand-signed by Drew Brophy himself.   Your painting will be packaged with love and shipped in a custom-built wooden crate from California, USA.  

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