METATRON'S PORTAL - RED FLOWER OF LIFE 60" x 48" Original Painting


METATRON'S PORTAL RED FLOWER OF LIFE - An original Fine Art painting on canvas by Drew Brophy, Mixed Media, sized 60" x 48" . 

This painting consists of close to one hundred layers of translucent paints, mixed with water, and applied in a controlled flow to get the colors and energy desired.  Sacred geometry is then painted in between the layers.

This stunning painting incorporates the Flower of Life, The Fruit of Life and Metatron's Cube (Sacred Geometry) and is beautiful on any wall.  

Entering a room where Metatron's Cube hangs will raise your vibration and instill a joyful peace.  It has a luxurious texture and is best enjoyed in person. Some claim that it has a portal built into the painting, and it elicits intense feelings that will deepen your meditation practice significantly. 

It truly is one of a kind, and it's a piece that Drew has trouble parting with.

Drew says of Metatron's Portal Painting:   "As a surfer, I've been strongly pulled to create sacred geometry art, as it visually demonstrates a deeper understanding of what connects us all to nature and the physical universe.   Metatron’s cube is a three-dimensional shape created from the center points of the thirteen circles of the Fruit of Life, which is created from the Flower of Life pattern, which is found in all living things. Within Metatron's Cube contains the blueprints of the five platonic solids; these are the building blocks of all matter.    This shape beautifully visualizes the simplicity of our universe, scaling infinitely larger and smaller."  

Your painting will be packaged with love, placed in a hand-made custom crate and Shipped in the U.S.

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