Paint Pen Techniques with Drew Brophy DVD

For over 30 years Drew Brophy has been perfecting painting with water based Uni Possca paint pens. Now he shares all his secrets and painting techniques with you in this DVD.   Drew demonstrates step-by-step, how to prepare, paint and seal any surface using water based paint pens. Learn to create your own unique compositions, blend colors, finish with detail and properly seal your paintings. Only in this DVD will you learn Drew’s secret tips that teach anyone to paint like a freeekin’ pro! WHERE TO BUY THE PAINT PENS:  HERE   You’ll be amazed and astonished at how easy it is to paint using Drew’s tried and proven techniques. This paint pen techniques DVD guarantees to save you years of hard work.   Rated 'G' so you can watch it with your groms!   *Some of our links lead to an affiliate site - if you purchase using one of our links, we may receive a small commission*

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