This one is called SANO DAZE, named for the iconic San Onofre, a famous surfing beach, also known as the Waikiki of California. The park includes world class surf spots of Trails, Church, Trestles and Cottons. 
For generations, it's been the meeting place for families and friends to enjoy the SoCal beach lifestyle. San O is loved for its showers in the bamboo trees, beach fires, roasted marshmallows, rock pools with sea creatures and beautiful gentle waves peeling down the cobblestone reefs. It is a true paradise in the heart of Southern California. 

This painting depicts a father and son being the first on the beach at sunrise, elated to be there. They represent all the people who fell in love with this place.
So many have made the best memories of their lives there, and I'd like to think they had the Sano Daze experience for all of us. 

Sadly, San Onofre has been eroding away over the years, losing beach, parking spots, palm trees, and even part of the road. Just like so many things that are simple and good have faded away with time.
It makes me wonder what will be left in the future if we do not protect and save these amazing places. I have watched so many be destroyed by so-called progress. 

In the end the only thing you take with you is your experiences, you leave everything else behind, even your body. Your experiences live on forever."

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