SUBLIME WITH ROME SIRENS Original Paintings SIGNED By BAND Paint Pen on Canvas


Only 1 piece in stock!

Two original paintings, one is the artwork and the second is the hand painted lettering.  These paintings are sold together. 

They were created by Drew Brophy for the SUBLIME WITH ROME SIRENS CD and Album cover.  Both paintings are HAND SIGNED BY Drew and SUBLIME WITH ROME BAND MEMBERS  Rome Ramirez, Josh Freese and Eric Wilson.

Painting #1:  The artwork, is sized 36" x 36" Paint Pens on Canvas, unframed.   Painting #2:  The hand painted letters, is sized 30" x 30" Paint Pens on Canvas, unframed.

This is the artwork for Sublime with Rome's Album called SIRENS, painted by Drew Brophy.  (A very limited number of print reproductions of this painting are also available separately, and each print is also signed by the band.)

These two paintings are collector's items and are part of the Drew Brophy Retrospective Exhibit at Myrtle Beach Art Museum from June 23 - Sept 16, 2018.

**PLEASE NOTE: The image shown with the lettering "SUBLIME WITH ROME" is a photo of the CD Cover.   The painting #1 does not have the lettering or name of the band on it.   .

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