THE PERFECT SHAPE 48" x 48" Original Fine Art Painting


THE PERFECT SHAPE 48"x 48" Mixed Media on Fredrix Pro Canvas by Drew Brophy.  

Sacred Geometry art allows us to go deeper in meditation and to create a general feeling of peace and harmony in a space.

This painting was featured in the Myrtle Beach Art Museum Exhibition in 2018 titled MAKING WAVES - A DREW BROPHY RETROSPECTIVE.

Drew says of the Inspiration behind this piece: "The Vector Equilibrium demonstrates the magnificence of geometry; it is considered the most stable shape.  It is the only geometric shape of perfection, where all of the vectors are of equal length.  It represents a perfect stability where the movement of energy comes to a state of absolute equilibrium, and therefore stillness and nothingness.  There is no beginning, there is no end."

Your painting will be packaged with love and Shipped in the U.S.

Please call 949-678-8133  with questions.

*Please note that the in-situ photo shown is not perfectly exact to scale with the size of the painting, as it is a virtual room.

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