SOLD! The Trip IV Original "Water Style Painting" sized 72" x 96" on Canvas by Drew Brophy


SOLD!  This original “water style” painting by Drew Brophy is mixed media on Canvas, sized 72″ x 96″, unframed. (The photo is framed in white to allow for better online viewing.) Mixed media, heavy paint and a lot of texture.  This painting has over 100 layers of paint, lovingly applied daily over a span of sixty days.  

The energetic blues and greens are just stunning!   You’ll need a lot of space for this masterpiece.  

*Please Note:  Shipping Charges are an estimate, depending upon where you are located.  They could end up being less, or more, in which case, we will either reimburse you the difference or ask for additional fees.

If you want to talk to a real Brophy before purchase, call or text the gallery at 949-678-8133.

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