TRINITY 48" x 48" Original Fine Art Painting


TRINITY 48"x 48" Mixed Media on Fredrix Canvas by Drew Brophy.  

Sacred Geometry art allows us to go deeper in meditation and to create a general feeling of peace and harmony in a space.

This painting was featured in the Myrtle Beach Art Museum Exhibition in 2018 titled MAKING WAVES - A DREW BROPHY RETROSPECTIVE.

Drew says of the Inspiration behind this piece: "The Trinity is the third circle in the Flower of Life pattern.  It forms a tetrahedron that scales infinitely small and infinitely large. WE are the Trinity; a part of us is the Creator, a part of us is the Here & Now and a part of us is Never Dying Energy. What we think is time & space is only perception."

Your painting will be packaged with love and Shipped in the U.S.

Please call our gallery at 949-678-8133 with questions. 

*Please note that the in-situ photo shown is not perfectly exact to scale with the size of the painting, as it is a virtual room  

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