WHY-LAND 39" x 39" Posca on Canvas by Drew Brophy - Framed Historical Piece of Surf History


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WHY-LAND (1997) 36" x 36" Posca on Canvas, Framed WHY-LAND is a piece of art that marks a pivotal point in Drew Brophy's painting career, as it was the first canvas painting he ever did using the Posca Paint Pens.

Drew says:  "This was the first painting I did on canvas with the Posca pens.  Until year (2018) this is one of the only paintings I hung onto, not wanting to allow anyone to buy it, as I felt it was a piece of history. The painting itself was inspired by the days when I lived on the North Shore of Oahu.

I spent a lot of time waiting for the bus after painting all day at Proglass, where I airbrushed surfboards for Bill Barnfield. The bus stop was right in front of Wyland Galleries, so I would wander in to check out the art. Marine-life artist Wyland is known for his painted, over-and-under ocean scenes. He was always very nice to me, even though I would walk into his gallery covered in paint and mud.

When I was putting the last bit of color on this one, Maria, who was my girlfriend at the time, looked at it and said, 'Let’s call it Why-Land.'

One day Wyland got wind of this parody I did of his work, and he bought a print of it."  

**This painting is proudly featured in the Myrtle Beach Museum of Art exhibition titled MAKING WAVES-A DREW BROPHY RETROSPECTIVE June 23-September 16, 2018**

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